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Lawson Digi-Star Conveyor Dryer

by Lawson

Arrow Belt Extra In-Feed or Out-Feed Options Available Here

Split-Belt Options Available
Custom Sizes Available on Request


*Shipping & crating is additional and will NOT be reflected in your order confirmation.*

The Digi-Star combines color-blind infrared with a blanket of recirculating jet-air. It's compact design allows for maximum production in a small amount of space.

The Digi-Star is so energy efficient, the warm-up time is only 10 minutes.

The Digi-Star is ideally suited for curing digital inkjet DTG prints for the textile industry. The Digi-Star can handle DTG prints from any brand direct to garment printer including: Epson F2000, Epson F2100, Brother GTX, Brother GT-3, Anajet, Kornit and more. Many DTG printers utilize a split belt, or multiple belt, chamber to increase production and vary the drying time depending on variable factors, such as shirt color, ink deposit, garment type and pre-treat deposit.

The Digi-Star may also be used with plastisol, water-based and all direct-to-garment inks. The Lawson Digi-Star great for production applications where space is at a premium and true convection air is beneficial.

Standard Sizes
24" wide belt x 12' Long: Crating $395
24" wide belt x 16' Long : Crating $450
36" wide belt x 12' Long: Crating $425
36" wide belt x 16' Long: Crating $495
48" wide belt x 16' Long: Crating $595
60" wide belt x 16' Long: Crating $695

Standard Features

    • Floor Model Design

    • 24", 36", 48" & 60" Belt Width

    • 8' and 10' Long Heat Chamber (depending on size/model)

    • 12' or 16' Overall Length

    • Digital Temperature Control

    • Digital Belt Speed Control

    • 2' or 3' In-Feed (depending on size/model)

    • 2' Out-Feed (depending on size/model)

    • Adjustable Curing Control

    • I.R Combo with Jet-Air

    • Recirculating Live Jet-Air

    • Vacuumized Belt

    • Easy, No Tool Lint Trap Filter

    • Powered Exhaust

    • Double-Insulated Heat/Air Chamber

    • "Cool-Touch" Outside

    • Direct Drive Conveyor

    • Easy Belt Tracking with Arrow Belt™ and Bullesye Conveyor Belt Tracking™

    • Heat-Reflective, Memory Belt

    • Reflective Infrared Booster

    • Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Controls and Diagnostic System

    • 120/230 Volts; 1-Phase or 3-Phase (depending on size)

    • National Safety Code Compliant/ETL Compliant

    • 5-3-1 Premium Lawson Warranty

Optional Features

    • Custom Belt Widths

    • Custom Belt Lengths (In-Feed & Out-Feed)

    • Custom Heat Chamber Lengths

    • Cap Side-Mounted I.R. panel (6" x 24")

    • Phase Change (1 to 3; or 3 to 1)

    • Export Electrics

    • Crating

2412 2416 3612 3616 4816 6016
Estimated Cure/Cycle Times for Water-Base/DTG Ink 30 - 120 seconds 30 - 120 seconds  30 - 120 seconds 30 - 120 seconds 30 - 120 seconds 30 - 120 seconds
Overall Length 12' 16'  12' 16' 16' 16'
Overall Width 40"  40" 52" 52" 62" 76"
Belt Width 24' 24' 36" 36' 48' 60"
Overall Height 47" 47"  47" 47" 47"  47"
Heat Chamber Length 8' 9.5'  8' 9.5' 9.5' 9.5'
In-Feed 2' 3'  2' 3' 3' 3'
Out-Feed 2'' 3'  2' 3' 3' 3'
Belt Height 34" 34" 34" 34" 34" 34"
Blower(s) CFM 1,500 (1 blower) 3,000 (2 blowers) 1,500 (1 blower) 3,000 (2 blowers) 3,000 (2 blowers) 3,000 (2 blowers)
Infra-Red Zones 3 4 3 4 4 4
Air Zones 1 continuous 1 continuous 1 continuous 1 continuous 1 continuous 1 continuous
Flue Size 3" (powered exhaust) 3" (powered exhaust)  3" (powered exhaust) (2) 3" (powered exhaust)  (2) 3" (powered exhaust)  (2) 3" (powered exhaust)
I.R. + Convection Air Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Heater Wattage  9,000 12,000 13.500 18,000 24,000 30,000
AMPS (230 volts) 1/3 Phase 56 (1-phase standard) 69 (1-phase standard) 62/43 (1-phase standard) 97/85 (1-phase standard 125/92 (3-phase standard) 136/104 (3-phase standard)
Est. Crated Weight 1,300 lbs  1,600 lbs  1,600 lbs  2,400 lbs 2,700 lbs 3,000 lbs
Est. Crate Size (W x L x H) 50x156x48 50x204x48 62x156x48; 62x204x48 74x168x48 86x204x48

*Free Ground Shipping on Parts; No Charge Labor for Items Sent Back to St. Louis for Repair or Replacement

*Price, Design, and Technical Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice


The Lawson Digi-Star Dryer Cures DTG Prints on Polyester

Lawson Screen & Digital Products is pleased to announce that Epson selected the Lawson Digi-Star Conveyor Dryer as the premier curing method for DTG printing on both polyester and cotton. Epson tested the Digi-Star conveyor dryer at their Carson California research lab using Epson’s polyester and cotton dtg pretreatment solution. The Digi-Star is their trusted source for curing all types of shirts, including polyester, cotton and tri-blend shirts.

1. Exclusive Live Air Design

Lawson’s exclusive Live Air Design creates a vortex of active air that ensures rapid dry times for production printing. The number one indicator for how well a dryer will cure DTG inks is the amount of air flowing through the heat tunnel. This air flow is measured through CFM (cubic feet per minute). Higher amounts of CFM create a quicker and more efficient dry for DTG printed t-shirts and garments. Lawson’s Twin Turbo-Jet Air Blowers circulate air through the garment itself, removing moisture and curing through the entire print, no matter the ink thickness. No other DTG specific dryer has the CFM capability of the Lawson’s Digi-Star direct-to-garment (DTG) conveyor dryer.

Through geometrically dispersed air plumes built into the curing tunnel, Lawson maximizes heat and perfectly balances the flow of live air. The heating panels are continuous throughout the heat chamber and across the entire belt with no fall off at edge. Lawson’s superiorly engineered ceramic heating elements mean there is no need for wasteful diagonal elements to heat the edges of the belt. By designing a dryer without these unnecessary elements, Lawson saves you money by reducing your energy bill.

2. Digital Controls & Energy Efficiency

The Digi-Star conveyor dryer features a smart control system and digital controls. The intuitive control panel allows operators to digitally set the temperature and belt speed. The control system features a digitally programmable temperature control with audio alarm to let you know about any temperature fluxuations. Without this, a change in your buildings power might mean shirts are undercured.

High grade insulation and Lawson’s Cool-Touch Outer Skin keep the dryer cool on the outside. Not only is this the safest way to operate for your shop, but it maximizes heat inside the chamber, reducing energy costs and boosting efficiency.

3. Lawson Screen & Digital's Warranty & Maintenance

The Lawson Digi-Star tunnel dryer requires the least amount of maintenance for similar DTG dryers in the marketplace. Additionally, the easy access heat chamber is designed to be self-serviced. A hinged top provides direct access without any complicated disassembly.

No other DTG dryer is as easy to access and work on. With self-service videos, video conferencing and constant Technical and Print support, Lawson pledges to stand behind their dryer.

Lawson provides 24/7 Service and Technical Support on the Digi-Star dryer. Whether you run multiple shifts, or print on the weekends, Lawson is a company of people who care about you. This unparalleled warranty means Lawson works when you work.

For these reasons, the Lawson Digi-Star is the DTG industry’s leading conveyor dryer for polyester, cotton and tri-blend shirts, hoodies and other garments. Get the most out of your DTG printing and Lawson’s 70 years of printing expertise.