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EPSON® F2000 Garment Platens



Print custom designs on different sized apparel using Epson® SureColor® F2000 Garment Platens. Find your nitch market and expand your business by printing on infant, children and youth t-shirts.

Available Garment Platens

  • Extra Small Garment Platen ( 7"x8") for children and infant apparel.

  • Small Garment Platen (10"x12") for children's and youth garments.

  • Medium Garment Platen (14"x16") suitable for adult apparel (and is a replacement platen for the original platen received with the purchase of the F2000).

  • Medium Grooved Platen (14"x16") has a center groove for zippers and Polo shirt collars.

  • Large Garment Platen (16"x20") is the largest platen available for adult garments.