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Epson Installation Plan for SureColor F3070 Series Printer


During the term of this Agreement, Epson America, Inc. (“Epson”), or its designee will provide priority technical telephone support and other services as described in this
\nAgreement (“Service”) for each Printer for which you have purchased a service plan (“Printer” or “Product”). Under this Plan, print head replacement is considered a self-service item and customer will be trained to replace self-serviceable print heads.
\nEpson will make commercially reasonable efforts to repair your Printer should it prove to be defective, in accordance with the terms set forth herein. For purposes of this Agreement, “Plan” means this 1-year Epson Preferred Plus Commercial Service and Support Plan with Print Head Self-Service. The Plan’s term is limited to the time period purchased, or the Printer’s maximum number of prints or carriage passes (see Table 1 below), whichever occurs first. If your Printer exceeds the number of prints or carriage passes in the table below during the term of this Plan, you have the option of purchasing a one-time, on-site refurbishment at Epson’s then current time and material rates. If you choose this option, the Plan will continue to be in effect until the expiration of the term or the maximum prints or carriage passes are exceeded a second time, whichever comes first.