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Firefly Convection Dryer


Innovation and the application of new technology are the keys to the new FireFly curing system.

Step into the advanced world of BrownDigital?Firefly Convection Dryer?and increasing product rates exponentially while reducing floor space, power requirements and increasing operator control.

Patent 15/117,290

Drive Train Control:

  • Multi-belt designed

  • Heavy duty drive train

  • Segmented to run infinite profiles on the same belt

  • Automatic speed calculations for each profile

  • Crowned rollers for perfect belt tracking

  • Teflon coated fibreglass belt

  • Reliable, variable speed DC gear motor

  • Wide belt speed adjustment from 00:01 second to 99:99 minutes in the chamber

  • Precision timing

Mechanical Features:

  • Modular design

  • Heavy duty construction

  • Movable kiosk

  • Track system for modular expansion

  • Track system for roll-away maintenance

  • Expandable

Temperature Control:

  • Thermal imaging cameras to? monitor substrate temperature

  • Constant adjustment and regulation with substrate change

  • Instant reaction to all substrate changes

  • Instant on/off eco-cycle

  • Quartz heat for rapid reaction to controls

  • Touch screen control on a movable kiosk

  • Internet capable touchscreen system

  • Thermal imprint screen to monitor heat profile

Software Features:

  • Barcode software

  • Running screen with barcode information

  • Barcode processing response


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