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TexPrint XP HR Water Based Sublimation Transfer Paper 140 gsm


TexPrint®XPHR is the #1 selling small format dye-sub paper in the wolrd! \n \nWhat's more, TexPrint®XPHR is still the only 'hybrid' paper that can be used successfully for both hard & soft substrates. \n \nTexPrint®XPHR is a simpler way of getting things done. This multi-purpose product is perfect for distributors and end-users alike. There is no need to use different papers and profiles for different applications. \n \nTexPrint XPHR® Large Format print paper is available in middle weight (105 gsm) and heavyweight (140 gsm), in roll widths from 61cm (24") to 3.2m (126"). \n \nTested and proven with all major brands of digital sublimation inks, including Sawgrass IQ, SubliM, ArTainium, Manoukian, J-Teck, Sensient, Lyson, Marabu, INX Digital, Ink-Tec adn OEM brands. TexPint XPHR® is fully compatible with piezo print head technology on all popular large format dye-sub printers, including Epson, Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh. \n \nHigh Production 3000 ft jumbo rolls now available. Special sizes available upon request. \n \nMore Information on TexPrint XPHR Sublimation Paper: \n \nTexPrintXPHRLarge-brochure \n \nTexPrint-XPHR-transfer-instructions