Hello Friends!

One of our favorite days of the year is right around the corner!! No, it's not Christmas. We're talking about... Inventory Day!! What else?! In an effort to better serve you as our customer, we will be counting every single bean we have in our house. However, in order for us to do this we will need to shut down our shipping department (boo!!) but just for one day (yay!!) on Friday, May 10th. You can still place your order with us (email: orders@screenprintsupply.com, or website: www.screenprintsupply.com), but the order will be processed on Monday, May 13th when we are back to business as usual. Thank you thank you thank you for your patience and understanding. Our technical service group and our Chicago based sales team, will remain open throughout, just in case you are wondering.
Thanks again for your business and we hope all is well!!


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