Our Story Begins With You.

Your Success Stories

From Ink to Ink

"You want to invest in yourself. You're the only person that will not let you down. You put in the work and get that positive energy, get that confident in what you're doing, then you're not going to fail."

-Michael Biller, Devoted Brand

Creative Corner: Episode 4

Getting Started

"Be honest with yourself. You can start low and build yourself up. "

-Gary Weaver, T-Shirt Help Desk

Creative Corner: Episode 3

Success, Side Hustles, Social Media

"Start local. This is a visual market.

There are a lot of opportunities to use social media

to build platforms."

-Joe Piazza, Siser North America

Creative Corner: Episode 2

Create Something Great

"Talk to people in the industry. You can gather a lot of information from their experiences and what they've learned. That's a big component that we miss."

-Matthew Rhome, Inventor of DTG

Creative Corner: Episode 1

Reinvest & Build Your Business

"If you tell yourself this is what I'm going to do, you set out to do it and that's how powerful your mind is.

If you take small steps everyday, you'll still get closer to that goal."

-Allan Wade of A-Dubb Productions

Your Success Stories

Squad Creatives Podcast w/Mike Tees

"Don't try to be everything to everyone. Try and focus and channel what your passions are into the market that you want to be involved in."

-Estevan Romero of All American Print Supply Co

Your Success Stories

Printing Tips from Printing Pros - Part 2

"It doesn't matter what kind of equipment you want to start with, it is an experience to witness. It is never too late."

-Joe Piazza of Siser North American

Your Success Stories

Printing Tips from the Pros - Part 1

"Listen to the customers and what they need to be successful in the industry and then create solutions."

-Grant French of Kodak

Your Success Stories

Let's check in with T-Shirt Storm/Cali DTG Part 2! 

"By brand owners, for brand owners. Everyone comes to us because we do a good job. We do a better job."

-Ryan Palmer of T-Shirt Storm

Your Success Stories

Let's check in T-Shirt Storm/Cali DTG!

"When the customer orders, they're all going to get the same quality and consistency from us."

-Mark Palmer of T-Shirt Storm

Episode 2: Partnership Interviews

The One and Only Matthew Rhome-Part 2

"DTG is another tool in the tool box. Kick the tires

and see what works."

-Matthew Rhome on Direct to Garment. 

Episode 1: Partnership Interviews

Let's check in Matt!

"With DTG Technology, we finally came to the point where it makes a lot of sense.

Its replacing some of the traditional technologies."

-Matthew Rhome on Direct to Garment

Episode 6: Customer Interviews

Let's check in with Jonathan!

"You just sometimes have to do it. You have to put the leg work in.

You have to put the effort and energy. Its difficult, but it is

extraordinarily rewarding."

-Jonathan Waldman

Episode 5: Customer Interviews

Let's check in with Javier!

"We started in our garage. One thing led to another and we went from just making stuff for ourselves, all the way to making things for our friends, family friends and then friends of family. It expanded pretty quickly. We are still looking for better technology, better equipment, better things. And so that's another big reason why we are here."


Episode 4: Customer Interviews

Let's check in with Alonda!

"I have my own business that I'm starting. I just started doing embroidering. T-shirts and heat press transfers. I am also interested in starting a Direct to Garment printing."


Episode 3: Customer Interviews

Let's check in with Sandy & Joshua!

“We've been based in cultural art. It's also the tool for mirroring. We've come from a base that goes with music and dance. It branched out in Southern California with skateboarding and surfing and its a little bit more flavorful."

– Sandy

Episode 2: Customer Interviews

Let's check in with Christie!

"I run a small screen printing and embroidery shop in Aurora Pennsylvania Central PA. I am looking for a Direct to Garment printer because it seems like a really good option for small orders, that are multi colors."


Episode 1: Customer Interviews

Let's check in with Kevin!

"The communication. That was one of the key things and established relationships with the associates here. I feel comfortable working with them. They are very personable."


Your Success Stories

How to Start your T-Shirt Printing Business

"You are good at Graphic Design. I think this is something you can get into because I have an idea where we can take your talent and put it online."


Your Success Stories

Seizing the Opportunity

"Everyday we are changing things. It's very fluid. There's been a lot of learning that we've had to go through and a lot of revisions, process changes to get to the system that we have."


Your Success Stories

Still Winning During Covid?

"When I came to this business, I was coming here to take over the embroidery side. My father in law has been doing embroidery for 30 years. He recommended that I look into the screen printing and that's how I started."