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DecoNetwork Tradeshow Interview

Traveling across this beautiful country of ours we get the amazing opportunity to connect with such a wide range of print professionals from all walks of life and build lasting relationships with folks from across the industry. Recently during the crazy week that was the ISS Impressions Expo 2022 in Atlantic City, New Jersey we got the chance to catch up with our good friends over at DecoNetwork for super fun interview in the booth.

As anyone in the print community can tell you, DTF (direct to film) printing has been quite the buzz the last couple years and we are starting to see the technology stabilize. One of the stars of most the tradeshow circuit this year has without a doubt been the 24” DTF roll printer from STS Inks and Mutoh: the VJ628D. This fully OEM print set up is quite unique in is actually MADE for direct to film printing. After having seen this full production beast of a powerhouse running continuously the entire tradeshow, DecoNetwork’s very own Colin Hubbard had to stop by the All American booth to learn more.

DecoNetwork is a leading print shop and eCommerce management solution for the garment decoration industry. They specialize in helping businesses launch successful and scalable eCommerce businesses and increase their efficiency. With services ranging from quote management, wholesale material supplying, client organization and more they seem like the perfect compliment to take your print business to the next level.

-Estevan Romero

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STS VJ-628D Direct to Film Printer


STS 13 Inch Automatic TPU

Adhesive Powder Shaker


STS VJ-628D Direct to Film Printer + Automatic TPU Adhesive Powder Shaker Pro Total Package


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