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Ink to Ink: A DTF Success Story with Devoted Brand

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"Family is not an important thing. It’s everything."

- Michael J. Fox

If you think about it, customizing apparel using direct to film is sort of like giving garments a tattoo. The clothing is the skin, the printer the tattoo machine and the ink is the ink. Analogy aside, on a recent visit to a client’s location these two worlds of DTF and Tattoo artwork collide. Retail clothing set up in the front, 10 tattoo artist stations in the middle and full blown print shop in the back. And a podcast area. Let’s take a look at the empire Michael Biller and the team over at Devoted Brand in Palm Coast, Fl. are building before our very eyes.

Michael Biller, a lifelong superhero fan, originally pursued the path of becoming a comic book artist until he realized his passion did not lie in drawing the same characters over and over again. When the hit show “MIAMI INK” hit the air everything changed. Seeing what could be done with his artistry and how it would live on forever with his clients telling their story his mind was made up and the transition was seamless and from that Devoted Tattoo Studio was born. Home to multiple award winning artists (Michael himself included) Devoted boasts the prestige of being the longest running tattoo shop in all of Palm Coast, Florida and shows no sign of slowing down. 

Not one to sit on his laurels, Michael had further dreams: starting his very own clothing brand to spread his artwork and messages of positivity. After exploring different avenues to get this venture off the such as outsourcing screen printing, in house white toner laser printing and even heat transfer vinyl Michael felt at a loss where his vision was simply not being realized by the final products of these other methods. And then came the All American Print Supply YouTube channel and the slew of direct to film printing content and the problem was essentially solved.

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As a tattoo artist, Michael possesses the technical aptitude for working with equipment that requires maintenance and attention making the jump into DTF printing a very organic move. When combined with his natural artistic ability and background he already had the key ingredients needed to be successful with this method. Combined with the expansions over the years he and the team have made their physical location they were finally ready to dive full steam into making Michael’s clothing brand dreams a reality.

What really brought attention to the Devoted Brand was the video content they were producing along the way. Some of the most engaging and informative material (aside from our own channel of course) that we have seen as far as direct to film is concerned. It was a combination of all of the above that prompted a trip to go see this whole set up in person. Recently our film team made the trek to Florida to work side by side with Michael and the Devoted team to produce a series of videos, guest on their podcast and eat some delicious Daytona style wings that you must try if you ever get the chance (they lightly fry AND grill their wings down there). 

Check out the videos we’ve released so far and make sure to follow The Devoted Brand online and all of their socials. With talks of upgrading their printing equipment and their podcast officially launched we are expecting great things from Michael Biller and you do not want to miss out on any of it.

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