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DTF Curing Methods All American Print Supply Co.

"Heat is required to forge anything. Every great accomplishment is the story of a flaming heart."

-Mary Lou Retton

The usual method that everyone seems to recommend for the curing DTF powder is to use either a heat press, conveyor dryer, or a specialized shaker/dryer unit. All great ways to cure your DTF powder; however, there are so many methods to use for TPU powder curing that a couple are easily overlooked. Heck, you might even have one of these heating methods already. Our goal here is to ease you into the DTF process while utilizing the equipment you already own.

Here is what we tested and found that they worked great (we’ll go into detail soon):
  •  Prisma Heat Press
  • Vastex F1000 Flash Cure Dryer with auxiliary platen
  • Vastex D-100 Conveyor Dryer
  • Phoenix Curing Oven

So, we didn’t really need to “test” the Prisma heat presses for this bit as we already over-tested them (this is how we started curing our powdered prints when we started learning the direct to film process). We found that preheating the lower platen will decrease the curing time. Also lowering the pressure gauge to the minimum enables us to “hover” over the print without touching (FYI it only works with the Prisma SWING and AUTO). Most shops or independent sellers already have a heat press in their production line, so it wouldn’t add any more cost toward setting up the DTF process. The only big caveat is that curing with a heat press halts production to a stand-still as you cannot keep applying transfers, possibly triggering the need for another heat press. This isn’t really a problem for a few transfers, but a full production run would be delayed significantly.

Screen printers may already have one of these in their line: a Flash Cure Dryer: We tested the Vastex F1000 with their optional rotary table with the vented pallets. We found that if you dial it up to 6 (high) and monitor it for about 30-45 seconds you can get some fast curing. As with everything that we mention in this article, we highly recommend that you test, test, and test. Flash cure options can vary in height and size, so ensure that you are conscious of the chosen size for your film’s needs. Regardless, this option is fast and relatively hands free.

For the conveyor dryer option, we went with the small/starter Vastex D-100 (the most versatile of the curing options). Maximum efficiency is the game with a conveyor dryer and the D-100 is a compact, yet powerful table top dryer that you just, literally, drop the film on the belt and BAM, It’s cured! Keep in mind though that the scale of increased efficiency does have a higher price tag than the other options on this list, but the cost is still lower than most other conveyor dryers on the market. 

Last up is the Phoenix curing oven. In our opinion this is the best option to cure your DTF transfers. This is the only item on this list that is designed specifically for curing the powder. This machine is super simple to use and is very intuitive. You can drop your powdered film in the oven, set it, forget it, and carry on production as normal. Another great feature: uniform, contact heating which equals a better adhesion of designs. This machine also keeps your heat press free for continued transferring (to reiterate; efficiency =MORE MONEY).

Sale Off
DTF Station Phoenix 16 x 20 Curing Oven for DTF Direct to Film

DISCONTINUED - DTF Station Phoenix 16 x 20 Curing Oven for DTF

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DTF Station Phoenix A2 Curing Oven - 15

DTF Station Phoenix A2 Curing Oven - 15" x 24"


There are a ton of options for curing DTF powder into your transfers, but for the small shop or the human just starting out you won’t need to go out and spend any more cash than you have to. Use the tools you have available already, and when it’s time to upgrade or scale up then do so. 

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