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Celebrating dads today & always

Banner saying "Happy Father's Day!" and shows images of various All American Print Supply Co. fathers with their children (including their wonderful pets).

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song.”

- Pam Brown

Cheers to the more underrated, but equally important, parent: Dad!

Celebrating Father’s Day is as simple as buying us a pack of Ding Dongs or giving us thirty UNINTERRUPTED minutes on the couch (even better if you combine the two!). Dads are simple creatures: easily entertained, happy with a glass of milk and cookies, get excited about cartoons. You know, like our kids.

Yes, I don’t get as much sleep as I used to (hence the super coffee). No, I can’t go out with the guys every Friday night. Yes, kids are VERY expensive (formula alone, SHEEEEEEESH). But it’s all worth that tiny hug from my snot-covered spawn that I call “Son”.

Being a dad is one of the more enriching experiences in my life. Right up there with playing Halo on my Xbox and collecting Dodger baseball hats (I NEED MORE!!!!).

People tell you all kinds of fun, unsolicited advice when you’re prepping to be a new parent. For example: cover your electrical sockets, put foam pads on all hard/sharp corners, never toss them over the back of the couch onto a pillow fort pretending to be a catapult. However, NO ONE ever tells you how gross humans really are until you have to clean up an explosion of bodily functions MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY!!!

Jokes aside, there is another thing no one really tells you about being a dad: how much joy a tiny human learning to exist in this world brings you. Sure, you can say “my kids are a joy” and “I wouldn’t trade them for the world”, but seeing them run to you with a huge smile as you walk in the front door made me truly understand what unconditional love is. It’s these tiny people that want nothing but YOU, to spend time with YOU, to play with YOU. Toys and tablets don’t matter. Spiderman, Batman, and Han Solo have nothing compared to dad.

So Cheers to our human napkin, our partner in troublemaking, our hero: Dad.

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