Epson SureColor F2100 2018 - 2023

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“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Hello everyone, my name is Estevan, and I had the pleasure of knowing the Epson F2100 for the majority of its time here with us. Before meeting it, I knew what the F2100 was, but it wasn’t until 2019 that I really learned who the F2100 was. And it was great. To many, the F2100 was and is the best, and if you look at everything the F2100 accomplished in its time with us, it is easy to see why. While the SureColor F2100 may no longer be with us, its impact on the industry and the countless lives it touched will be felt for a lifetime. And to those still holding onto their functional Epson F2100, its spirit lives on with you. Let us reflect on what the F2100 was and is as we look back on its life and, in true fashion of the groundbreaking printer, look to the future.

The Epson F2100 was released in 2018 and made an immediate impact in the garment and apparel space. From the print speed to the user-friendly operation to the stress-free light maintenance schedule, this machine was a hit from day one. The build quality on this model, paired with its top-tier performance, put the printer truly in a class of its own and set the standard for direct-to-garment printers as we know them today. As word spread on the capabilities of this machine and what it can do, it soon found its home with new and seasoned printers across the country and quickly became America’s number one selling DTG printer. And while the F2100 may no longer be in production or distributed at the manufacturer level, its legacy lives on.

To dive further into maintenance, the Epson line of DTG has really taken what the F2100 started to new heights. Because of this fact, many customers still regularly enjoy their machine in a production setting to this day. I want to share the fact that since the F2100, no Epson DTG printer has required daily maintenance - virtually unheard of for machines of this style before the 2100. A couple of minutes a week for head cap cleaning is now standard, all thanks to the printer that started it all. Technology and innovation first introduced with this printer can still be seen in new printers today. Here at All American Print Supply, we continue to celebrate the life of this model every week with print shop owners joining us for live weekly training sessions.

It is worth mentioning that even though new models of the F2100 are no longer in distribution, we will continue to stand by and support our F2100 customers with ink, supplies, technical assistance, as well as ongoing training. Join us every Wednesday as we go over in-depth operation, maintenance, environment, settings, hybrid printing, and more in a fun and engaging setting to answer all your questions. Speaking of hybrid printing, I will close this eulogy by saying, “Thank you.” Thank you to the F2100 for helping me learn direct-to-film printing (on a direct-to-garment printer) and changing the course of the garment industry forever.

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