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It’s the season of giving, and All American Print Supply has your back as always. Not sure what to get this year for your printing loved ones? Looking to spoil yourself and invest in your future at the same time? Congratulations, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the first annual All America Holiday Buyer’s guide. Let’s take a look at some hot printing items and products that are sure to wow the crowds this holiday season.

Prestige A4 (DTF Station)

Do you have a friend or family member still cutting and weeding heat transfer vinyl to fill orders for their small business? Maybe you know someone who is a one-trick pony with dye sublimation and looking to branch out into apparel (literally any apparel). For printing operations big or small, the desktop-sized Prestige A4 direct-to-film printer could be just what they are looking for. This latest entry into the DTF space has been a hit so far - what’s not to love? Speed is there, producing vibrant high-resolution graphics at 9 square feet an hour, and these transfers LAST. Available in 3 fun colors to fit any crafter’s vibe, this pint-sized powerhouse printer is available as a stand-alone direct-to-film print shop on a desktop or an all-in-one roll-to-roll solution.

Speaking of roll-to-roll direct-to-film printing: do you know what makes the perfect pairing this year with the Prestige A4?

Seismo 11 (DTF Station)

Do you want to know the secret to unlocking masterclass DTF efficiency and cost control? A powder machine. Not just any powder machine—the Seismo 11 is the perfect combination of practicality and affordability. User-friendly controls and sensor systems all work in tandem to offer fully hands-free transfer printing and make a killer 1-2 punch combo when connected to the Prestige A4. It powders the prints, smacks off any of the excess around the images, cures the transfers to completion, and winds them back up for use on a handy take-up reel for later use. Not to mention, at 13” wide, if you (or your lucky gift recipient) upgrade to a larger machine, you can still run full production with the Seismo 11 without compromising on speed or quality.

T. Seal (Uninet)

Have we talked about T. Seal in a while? I don’t remember, but for those already living and breathing in the direct-to-film print space, this finishing sheet is a MUST TRY. Sold in single packs, this item has been a hint for our customers who want the best when it comes to longevity. The T. Seal finishing sheet is used in the POST PRESS ONLY and is a great way to really bond the fibers of your garment into the transfer. The special coating allows deep embedding of the weaves to leave you with transfers that will endure the test of time. Now let me be clear: this heat transfer innovation is for the finishing press ONLY. Not to be used above 300 F, this invaluable pressing tool can be used for between 350 - 500 presses.

Universal Film (DTF Station)

No matter what DTF printer you have, there should be one choice for film: the new UNIVERSAL formula from DTF Station. After firmly establishing themselves as THE authority when it concerns direct-to-film, this latest print media takes the cake. HIGH INK LOADING LAYER to create breathtaking prints of CMYKW. UNIVERSAL PEEL enabling either hot or cold removal. MATTE PRINT SIDE to easily distinguish. Compatible with ANY DTF or DTG/DTF hybrid machine on the market, give your direct-to-film friends the gift of a lifetime with the very best media on the market.

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