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Keeping a strong appearance year round during the tradeshow circuit has become a pillar of our business operations.  With our national presence across the United States, including four strategically placed locations in California, Texas and Pennsylvania. You can see us exhibiting with the Graphics Pro Expo, ISS, Printing United conventions and more!  It is one thing to see the pretty booth set up and illuminated, teeming with different equipment pieces running full steam but it’s an entirely different thing to understand what goes into preparation, set up, execution, tear down etc.  In this article we were able to tap a few members of our travel team to get an inside look at work travel in our industry:

Wallace Sevin III - Sales Rep

San Diego, CA

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

1. Biggest surprise with tradeshow work travel?

Rental car struggles lol

2. Favorite trip and why?

Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The interest of this local market and bonding with the team.

3. Something you learned while traveling/working the conventions?

Each and every market has its own printing preferences

Adam Yukish - Sales Technician

Pittsburgh, PA

Hometown: Uniontown, PA

1. Piece of advice for first time tradeshow work traveler?

Know the products that will be on display and know your pricing.  Trade shows are a phenomenal opportunity to learn your products, but you have to have some base knowledge going in.  Be prepared to answer your customers' questions, but also know where to go for help.  

Be prepared to smile...a lot.  Customers want to feel welcome when they visit your booth.  Body language and a smiling face go a long way! 

2. Favorite trip and why?

I've always enjoyed Indianapolis.  The Convention Center is centrally located.  There are plenty of hotels, restaurants and other entertainment around the area.  There aren't many shows in the area, so customers usually come there prepared with quality questions and qualified interest. 

3. Something you learned while traveling/working the conventions?

I learn something at every show!  I'd say the most important thing I've learned is just that: trade shows are the best place to learn.  Learn your products, learn your customers and their expectations.  Listen to your co-workers and how they approach a customer, answer questions, and discuss your product.  

It's important to remember that a trade show is a very significant investment by your company.  They aren't cheap!  If you are asked to go to a trade show, that means your company values you and trusts you to make the most of the experience.

Thomas “Trey” Killeen - Sales Rep

San Diego, CA

Hometown: Saint Amant, LA

1. Biggest surprise with tradeshow work travel?

The biggest surprise for me was the challenge of staying on top of former/current/incoming online inquiries while manning the booth. Some days it's incredibly easy, while other days I'll have former customers reaching out in addition to current deals I'm working on and incoming inquiries I need to work. It's a constant juggle between checking my email/phone, stepping aside to take calls, and attending to those at our booth.

2. Favorite trip and why?

It's hard to pick just one trip. There are certain aspects of every trip that I've enjoyed. My favorite probably has to be Atlantic City. It was my first trade show and I was able to meet/spend time with so much of the team, in addition to getting introduced to the industry. Indianapolis is a close second. The location of the trade show and our hotel in Indianapolis was great for utilizing the time spent outside of the show. I was able to spend more time getting to know the team and enjoying ourselves due to the lack of time spent in transit to and from the trade show location, dinners, etc.

3. Something you learned while traveling/working the conventions?

I've learned so much at the different conventions, it's hard to pinpoint one thing that sticks out. Aside from the technical knowledge gained, I've seen that our team is unique when compared to most others. Not only are we involved in so many areas of the print industry, the energy and diversity at All American Print Supply is second to none!


Estevan Romero from All American Print Supply Co.

Estevan Romero
Brand Marketing Lead
Estevan Romero began making YouTube videos back in 2017 to help new business owners learn how to use their products and grow their operation. He has been featured in many companies content such as Siser North America, Key Print Co and more. He has been featured as a speaker/presenter nationwide across the tradeshow circuit sharing information and insight to the print community audience and brings 13+ years of experience to the table.

You can meet Estevan and more of the friendly All American Print Supply Co team by visiting the company live events calendar and our YouTube channel.

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