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"He who gives quickly, gives double." 

― Publilius Syrus

It is exciting times for direct to film! This past month we saw a breakthrough in our industry in the form of a desktop high speed DTF machine capable of producing almost 40 sq ft an hour of roll printing production: the R2 Pro. If you have been following our channels, you already know the standard R2 model has been pumping out numbers previously unheard of for a desktop unit of this size blowing previously recorded figures out of the water. Not really a fair fight, this had been the most sophisticated 13” direct to film printer produced boasting not one but two printheads churning out beautiful high resolution designs. Notice I said HAD BEEN - enter the R2 Pro.

The R2 and the R2 Pro share many similarities including convenient desktop footprint sizing allowing the end user to bring big time production in house without taking up big time space in the work area, be that in the printshop or out of the home. Even with the high output printing capacity, both the R2 and the R2 Pro run off standard US electrical meaning no special wiring or power needed to operate. Both printers also boast helpful production nuances such time monitored white ink stirring and passive background auto cleaning reducing the amount of maintenance related downtime. These are must have features when it comes to printing white ink.

While exhibiting at tradeshows to demonstrate the full capacity of what these machines are capable of the perfect pairing has been the Miro 13 powder machine. The powder machine essentially applies the melting powder to the wet prints, smacks off any excess and then cures the transfers before winding them up on a take up reel for storage. All hands free. Key features on the Miro 13 are the media guide wheel keeping more powder in position for longer runs before replenishing and the BUILT IN AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM, No more external purifier, not tying up an extra outlet and no extra space needed.

WHAT MAKES THE R2 PRO DIFFERENT? In a word: SPEED. The R2 Pro runs upgraded dual i1600 printheads allowing an production increase of almost 30% from it’s predecessor. In terms of output we are looking at a difference of 160 full transfers a day and 240 a day. What does that mean in terms of dollars? Well if you are selling custom printed garments at say $20 a piece, in a weeks time that comes down 800 pieces a week vs 1200 and as far as sales go (at the $20 price point) $16,000 in sales vs $24,000. That’s $8,000 difference in potential revenue.

Because both the R2 and R2 Pro are running the latest print media option profiled for these machines: Color Prime Universal we are looking at the same quality final product from EITHER PRINTER. Question is: how fast do you want to go? Both models offer warranty protection, training and after purchase support from our network of technicians to make sure you are successful every step of the way. The future of desktop DTF printing is here and that future is the R2 Pro.

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