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- Peter Lynch

What are three letters that can change the future of your garment and apparel business?

Is it DTF? Or POD? The answer - YES. The wealthy will advise you to diversify your revenue streams and enjoy the benefits of multiple sources of income. Why not apply the same logic to your clothing business? By combining POD with DTF, not only can you keep your printer running and the white ink flowing, but this can allow you more capital to build your brand and business regardless of if your own designs are selling well or not. If you have or are considering a DTF printer, you already know it takes money to make money. Why not make your money work for you?

     Let’s go ahead and assume you know that DTF stands for Direct to Film (and if you are not up to date on what direct to film printing is you should probably check out this entire playlist or start with the video to the side). Did you watch them all? Well, if you did not, direct to film printing refers to a specialized textile printing method that prints images digitally onto a special film which are then applied to an apparel item. They are bonded using melting powder and the pressure/heat of a heat press resulting in high resolution, long lasting, soft hand feel transfers that can be applied to virtually any material out there. That’s the gist of it in a nutshell.

     What is POD? POD refers to print on demand - this would be considered a collaboration between a printer and a company or brand producing custom goods on a by-order basis. Not holding stock inventory of pre printed goods on hand awaiting fulfillment but rather producing on an as needed basis. You know, like printing on demand. Get it?

     Now, let’s discuss how combining Print on Demand and Direct to Film can make your money work for you. First method - we have seen a proven business model that works based solely on the sale of direct to film transfers. That could be you! Not everyone has a direct to film printer or the capital to purchase/maintain one. With your printed transfers and just a heat press, customers who buy transfers from you will basically be a full blown print shop especially considering these transfers adhere to ANYTHING. That’s one option.

     Secondly, as a direct to film printer owner you can offer virtually any garment you can think of. You ARE a print shop with the right equipment (printer/heat press). For those looking to start their own brand you can provide these services and help others enter the apparel space. They send you designs, you provide the printing services and you are not limited to just t-shirts. With direct to film, you can provide safety gear, uniforms, sports apparel, camping attire and more. With direct to film the possibilities are endless.

     Even if your own brand has not gone viral yet and your designs are not flying off the shelves, there are a number of proven ways to keep your machine running. Direct to film has opened so many doors for people to offer a high quality product at an affordable production price. We must never put a ceiling on our potential or the potential of others, and with DTF we can all get a piece of the pie.

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