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We talk a lot about direct to film printing over here, but the true way to really get the most out of this particular printing method actually has nothing to do with the printer itself. This is going to be a direct to film powder machine article, so you can go ahead and add this as a bookmark in your web browser now as we climb the limbs of the Seismo family tree of powder machines. With the variety of direct to film printing options we have available, it would be a disservice to not offer powder machines to fit their unique qualities and truly streamline the DTF workflow. But which model is best for you? Let’s take a look at our options.

The entry level Seismo 11 is the perfect starter machine for a desktop direct to film printer like the Prestige A4. Capable of handling roll media up to 13” wide, this no frill powder machine does everything you need it to: it applies the hot melt powder, it smacks off any excess, it cures the powder to the wet ink, and even rolls up the finished transfers for you on a take up reel. Running off standard US 110V electrical, this is THE desktop direct to film printer’s powder machine of choice.

The next tier up is going to be the Seismo M series. Specifically, we will be looking at the M16 model today. This mid tier model, in particular, can accommodate roll media up to 18” wide and is also available in a 24” model. For the M Series we are looking at an upgraded easy to operate control panel and compact design for those working with limited space. Big business minded and budget conscious priced, you get the best of both worlds here for your mid size direct to film printing needs - and it runs off standard US electrical 110V if power is a concern in the work space.

Moving up the tree to the Seismo L series. One of the main differences is going to be the powder refill schedule. Where the other machines may need attention on an hourly basis when it comes to refilling powder to the station, the L series can run hands-free for between 2-3 hours. Something to keep in mind if your operations call for your attention frequently in different areas of the business. The other main difference is in the conveyor belt portion, where the powder is dried to the ink. This trim level is equipped with vacuum suction, meaning the initial feeding of the film will result in less waste as we can load in printed film to begin the curing process earlier in the roll.

Now we come to the top of the mountain (or tree?) with the LR series. This is the cadillac of powder machines and is fully loaded with all the bells and whistles you could ask for. Besides the self-developed control and sensor system which keeps the shaker running at low power for stable curing the R stands for auto RECIRCULATING of the powder itself. The excess powder is vacuum routed back to the powder station eliminating the need for regular attention. Enjoy autonomous production in 4-5 hour intervals thanks to the recirculation aspect as well as the aforementioned vacuum conveyor for minimal film waste.

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Seismo L16R DTF Powder Applicator and Dryer
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Seismo L24R DTF Powder Applicator and Dryer

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