The Neoflex Advantage The Best Of All Printing Worlds

The Neoflex is the only direct to garment printer on the market that can convert into a solvent and edible ink printer and back again in a matter of minutes. This 2-minute switch gives you flexibility in the market and offers the ability to diversify the level of products you can offer to your customers. The NeoFlex was designed to grow with your business, providing you with an easy transition to test out the substrate market for just a small investment. With the coveted NeoRIP Pro® imaging software you will have the ability to create fantastic gradients, glows, fading effects and accurate color profiles. Your shirts will be unmatched by your competitors. With this RIP working hand in hand with the Neoflex Textile Printer you can digitally print your shirts as if they were photo paper. Your designs will stand out above and beyond with the Neoflex than with any of our competitor's machines. The Neoflex solvent printer option or NeoSol allows you to:

  • print on glass
  • print on metal
  • print on wood
  • print on plastic
  • print on ceramics and much more.
With this option you can expand your t-shirt business to a full print shop and offer many more printable products.

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