Introducing the newest addition to DTF Station’s Prestige family of direct to film printers!

The Prestige xl2: A production powerhouse

DTF Station Prestige XL2 dtf production powerhouse

"Wanna see me run to that mountain and back? Wanna see me do it again?"

-The Quickster

The Direct to film game has been going on for a little while now. We’ve seen converted Epson desktop inkjet printers try their best (with mixed results, at best). We’ve seen OEM manufacturers present us with some wonderful large format DTF machines, up to 64” even! But, What is there for the 24” printer market? Something that is not small like the Prestige A3+, or massive like the 64” DTF printers out there.

Introducing the newest addition to DTF Station’s Prestige family of direct to film printers: The Prestige XL2.

The 24" Prestige XL2 Roll-to-Roll Direct to Film printer is your perfect high-end DTF printer option with dual i3200 printheads, an intelligent head strike sensor, and a more compact size in comparison to other printers with similar performance. 

The first thing I’ll mention is that this printer is fast, spitting out over 100 feet of printed film in an hour. This is due to the ability of the dual printhead system that allows the XL2 to lay down the CMYK layer in congruence with the white under base to completely print out your jobs super quick. When compared to similar sized printers at this production level, that is lightning fast. It is absolutely possible to make large runs of a design within a reasonable delivery window. Paired up with a powder applicator/dryer and you have a pair of production powerhouses without touching the film, the ink, or any DTF powder. Win, Win.

I did briefly mention a “Head Strike” sensor. This little piece of intuitive tech is a godsend for the dual printheads. There are two “head guards” on either side of the printhead carriage that stick out a tiny bit as, essentially, a media detection sensor. When these sensors find that the PET film is too close to the print heads it will error out and stop the print carriage, keeping the delicate printheads safer. The last thing anyone needs is to replace a printhead immediately after getting the machine.

Now, some of you are saying: “It’s got a ton of cool and practical features, but will it even fit in my space? Thing looks massive…” You couldn’t be more wrong. Compared to the footprint of a production level direct to garment, solvent printer, or other similar DTF printers, the Prestige XL2 is SMALLER. Coming in at a tiny 53” x 26" x 56" (LWH) the XL2 has a smaller footprint than most standard office desks. When the XL2 is paired with a Shaker unit the total length is extended by six feet. That total occupied area is still smaller than a simple set up of Epson’s F2100 with a heat press.

There are so many more cool features that we could talk about (like the media handling vacuum system, auto white ink circulation/stirring, Cadlink digital software RIP for DTF, or the Integrated auto-lifting capping station), but we’ll let the XL2 do the talking for us. Elevate your garment printing pipeline today with the Prestige XL2 DTF Printer from DTF Station!

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