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"You can hear rumors. But you can't know them."

- Jay Asher

     As a company that prioritizes education and customer success above all, there are some misconceptions out there being spread about Direct to Garment Printing that we wanted to go over. Sometimes, it seems that we are still living in the early days of DTG trial and error. However, there has been so much advancement in this field of printing and as a leader in these print methods, we wanted to address 2 topics: MAINTENANCE and FINANCING.

     When I hear someone talking about ‘daily maintenance’ I just feel bad. Maybe they got burned back in the day with direct to garment printers of old, or they own or sell ‘converted machines’ (non-Epson machines running Epson parts internally). Maybe they are just flat out misinformed. In any case, let me make this perfectly clear, EPSON DTG PRINTERS DO NOT REQUIRE DAILY MAINTENANCE. Did I say that loud enough for the people in the back? Cool. Let’s talk about how much attention these machines need on a daily basis: shake the white inks. That’s it. Takes 15-20 seconds.   

   The Epson printers lead the way in direct to garment printing, in my opinion, thanks to build quality, warranty protection, support, and USER-FRIENDLY EXPERIENCE. Today’s Epson printers ship with cleaning solution packs that load in next to the ink and handle all of the heavy lifting to keep the printer nice and happy. These machines have gotten so sophisticated that they are able to look after themselves and communicate what they need attention-wise. Remember the one thing the printer needs daily? The printer REMINDS YOU upon power up to shake those white inks. And don’t get me started on “ need to run the printer everyday…”

     While it is true some lesser machines may call for everyday production/cleaning/etc., that is not the case with Epson. Don’t have orders to print on that day? Why should you have to turn the printer on? The Epson line of direct to garment printers can be left off for days on end and returned to for regular operation as normal, and that should speak to the construction quality of the unit as a whole. 

This does not mean, however, we should skip our WEEKLY maintenance.

     The capping station where the printhead normally rests can build up ink, so once a week you want to give this part of the machine a cleaning. If done weekly, this should really only take a couple minutes (all cleaning supplies included).

     Now, for financing. Is the printer expensive? Yes. Is it a money-making business investment? Yes. Is this printer for everybody? NO. With financing, people have the opportunity to keep the capital in their pocket, build their business credit, and begin producing high-end goods that will cover their monthly payment. If you have no customers or no plan to sell goods with this printer, then maybe this isn’t the best time to be looking at high-end equipment. If you have a concrete goal for the printer and its purpose in your business, then financing is a great way to get into something that may be out of your price range at full amount face value.

     For the first time EVER, we do offer 0% financing for up to 1 year* for specific Epson SureColor F2100 Bundles*. Find the full details here, and speak to one of our specialists to find out if financing a direct to garment printer is the right choice for you.

*Epson F2100 bundles and 0% Financing details are subject to change at any time without notice. Please visit our 0% Financing Page, or speak to one of our specialists for the most up-to-date information. 

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