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About NeoRIP 2000:

This powerful RIP program can handle all your textile and solvent printing needs. With better color profiling, gradients, fades and photorealistic quality, it will be like someone flicked on the light switch in your shop. Get higher quality prints, better gradients and glows all while saving on white ink costs and having the ability to print three different colored shirts at once! This is truly the best RIP to date!

Demo NeoRIP 2000 Program Specs:

  • Color Management Capabilities That Exceed The Industry Standard
  • Easy to Use Interface with Stunning Results
  • Life-like Imaging With the Ability to Replicate Fades and Gradients on Dark Garments
  • Save an Average of 40% White Ink per Print
  • Presets per Garment Color: Black, Red, Green, etc.
  • Presets Allow for Superior Color Matching per Garment with Optimal Ink Usage
  • Increase Productivity by Simultaneously Ripping and Printing

Your 15 Day Free Trial & How It Works:

With a $50 deposit to All American you receive

  • NeoRIP 2000 Dongle and Program download instructions
  • 15 Day Trial of the Software

If you would like to purchase, the demo dongle must be returned and the $50 will be credited toward the purchase of full NeoRIP 2000. If the customer chooses not to purchase, the $50 will be credited back to the customer upon AA’s receipt of the dongle. *Do not open the program unless you’re ready to use it. Once the software runs for the first time – the 15 day trial countdown begins.

Total Price for NeoRIP 2000 is $1000.


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