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Let's examine the key components in Direct to Film (DTF): Film, Ink, and Powder. Regardless of the production method, printer, or software used, these three elements are the lifeblood of DTF. While the chosen printer produces images onto the film, the powdering phase offers various options. In short, once the images are printed onto the film, powder must be applied and dried.

Though some may still powder by hand for single-piece or low-volume orders, especially considering DTF is considered to be in its early stages, the more efficient approach is to use a powder machine. Manual methods are less than ideal in most situations, particularly in terms of volume or production. Consider the efficiency of walking across town versus taking a car or chopping down a tree with an ax versus a chainsaw. The same logic applies to DTF—optimizing workflow, time, and profit margins is best achieved with a powder machine.

What exactly does a powder machine do? Once your prints are completed, a shaker applies the powder to the wet print and agitates off the excess. If you have a roll-to-roll setup, your money-making process is essentially on autopilot. Continuous jobs can be queued up for printing and fed into the machine for hands-free production. After printing, images are fed into a powder station where sensors release powder in desired amounts onto the wet print. Agitation then removes any excess powder that shouldn't transfer onto the film. The powdered prints are drawn into a conveyor dryer for curing and wound up on a roll for immediate use, storage, or selling. This is a must-have for those looking to enter the booming print-on-demand DTF transfer business.

Powder machines aren't just for roll-to-roll systems! Interestingly, I learned how to print DTF on a DTG machine. Today, this has become a common practice. If you want to get the most out of your existing or future direct-to-garment printer, a powder machine can still benefit you. Take, for example, the Seismo 11: built to accommodate individual sheets of printed DTF, an easy-fill reservoir houses the melting powder. Once the dust cover is placed, it can be waterfalled onto the wet ink, creating a perfect, even layer of coating. The best part? No more powdering or agitating by hand! After powdering the print, kick on the motorized agitation function and watch all the excess powder dance its way off the film and into a user-friendly tray for later use on your next DTF projects.

The fact remains, while we can still walk across town and chop down trees like lumberjacks, in a world of working smarter, not harder, a powder machine of any shape or size is the true key to getting the most out of your direct-to-film printer.

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