Digital technology is the future of printing due to two main advantages.

1. Accommodation to Variable Data Printing (VDP) or Variable Information Printing (VIP) opens the door for Print On Demand companies such as Cafe Press and VistaPrint. Digital printers enable you to cater to enormous public demand for short-run, customized garment prints.

2. Quick and Easy output for any combination of high resolution, multi-color and multi-gradient photo-realistic images. This eliminates long traditional processes and setup. Digital printers treat a one-color image the same as a 10-15 color image. With an 8-color system such as the Neoflex Digital Solvent Printer, the operator can print an array of colors with the same effort of printing a single color. Gradient printing and photo-realism is difficult and nearly impossible with traditional printing methods. With the advent digital "dot-on-dot" printing technology, you can deliver these high-resolution images simply and easily.

Image resolution varies, however, on the operator's preference and the print engine used. For example, the Brother GT-541 has a maximum image resolution of 600x600 dpi, whereas the Neoflex boasts a maximum image resolution of 2880x2880 dpi.


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