DTF Station Aries 113 UV DTF Printer

DTF Prestige L2 zoomed in with features

Unlimited Possibilities!

  More than just a UV printer—it's an all-in-one solution with a built-in laminator. A game-changer in the realm of direct-to-film printing!

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Print Speeds Up To 27 to 38 Sq Feet an Hour

The Aries 113 sports dual Epson XP600 print heads, ensuring both speed and quality. Gain a competitive edge by printing images with top-notch quality at speeds that will keep your production line moving swiftly and consistently.

Make Life Easier With a Head Strike Sensor & Platform Suction

No head strikes means no headaches. Never suffer head strikes again thanks to the head strike sensor and platform suction which ensures that your film stays flat.

Prestige L2 DTF Station Direct To Film inside view dtf printer bay
Phoenix A3+ DTF Curing Oven

W.I.M.S. White Ink Management System

Take the hassle out of White Ink Circulation by letting the Aries 113 take care it for you. Save on maintenance costs as the Aries 113 prevents pigment sedimentation and clogged ink supplies.

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All Aries 113 UV DTF Printer purchases come with a full set of supplies!

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Color Prime UV DTF Ink - 1kg best direct to film ink black
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Color Prime UV DTF Film Rolls
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Color Prime UV DTF Maintenance Solution whole bottle
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