Prestige A3+ Printer for DTF-Troubleshooting/FAQs

When I downloaded my software, which icon should I be using?

-When opening the software make sure you select Partner RIP white edition

How come my prints are coming out small?

-In the software select file and change units from cm to Inches. The software is defaulted to cm.

My software will not download.

-Make sure your Antivirus software is disabled. If you need assistance we have made a video on it on our YouTube channel.

The paper is jammed, what should I do?

 -The third button on the right with the paper/trash can icon will release the jam.

If I am going out of town for a few weeks without using the machine, what should I do?

-We would first ask to contact us directly and we would walk you through flushing the machine for storage and proper cleaning.

Will I void my warranty if I don't use All American Print Supply Co ink or film and powders?

-Yes, we have tested many products to work with the Prestige A3+ Printer and not all powders and films work the same. For warranty purposes you should only be using All American Print Supply Co supplies and ink.

What is the largest that I can print?

 -The prestige can print A3 plus which is max 13x19 inches.

Why does my machine make noises randomly?

-The Prestige has white ink circulation built in. The noise you are hearing is the white ink being stirred.

How come my machine came with 2 dongles?

-The dongle labeled instruction has the software files that you will need to download. The dongle labeled "AcroRIP" is the key for the software and must be plugged in when operating the software. 

Does the prestige come with software?

-The prestige comes with AcroRIP 9.03.