STS Mutoh XpertJet 1682D DTF Printer

Direct to Film Printer


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Built for Professionals

The STS/MUTOH XPJ 1682D 64” DTF Printer from MUTOH Japan has a staggered dual-head design that provides ultra-fast print speeds. It produces smooth gradations while delivering high-quality printing even with reduced resolution.

It has SAI’s Flexi DTF Pro Edition RIP Software, bundled with Flexi DTF Pro Editor. The XPJ-1682D also features automatic bi-directional alignments, a user-friendly touch panel, added LED lighting, and an upgraded media feed flange that allows operators to easily and quickly load media and exchange multiple rolls. These features are designed to increase user-friendly operation and maintenance while continuing to offer high production, high-quality output. The XPJ-1682D is paired with STS’s DTF ink, which offers users excellent color gamut and outstanding durability.

STS Mutoh XpertJet 1682D Features

Epson SureColor F2100 Direct to Garment Printer Features
  • STS DTF Inks
  • Flexi21 DTF Pro Edition Rip Software
  • High Precision Aluminum Rail Mechanism
  • Automatic Head Alignments
  • Multi-stage Pressure Mechanism
  • Media Flange
  • Upgraded Touch Panel
  • DropMaster 2 Technology
STS DTF Direct to Film Inks features and advantages


In a true collaboration with one of the top OEM developers, Mutoh Japan, the engineers at STS inks have formulated a special water based textile printing ink specifically for the direct to film application. This partnership delivers the best build quality in the business paired with the true science of ink manufacturing from the experts. Enjoy color matching and high accuracy job to job with the new industrial XPJ-1682D.

Incredible Ink

  • High color density, wide color gamut, outstanding color saturation
  • Excellent performance
  • Great wash fastness
  • Print head safe encapsulated resin + nano pigment
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Consistent color from batch to batch
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Available in CMYK and White

Flexi21 DTF Pro Edition Rip Software

Enhanced Printing

What program is at the helm for operation of this latest offering in direct to film printing? None other than the latest edition of Flexi - specifically, a dedicated DTF Pro Edition to take full advantage of the capabilities in the XPJ-1682D. This Windows based RIP offers multiple print resolution environments such as 360 x 1080 / 720 x720 / 1440 x 720 / 1440 x 1440. Faster handling of complex art files, auto nesting and near simultaneous RIP’ing and printing all compliment the lightning fast output speed.

  • Faster handling of complex art files
  • Auto Nesting
  • Near simultaneous RIPing
  • Windows-based RIP software

Multiple Print Resolution Environments

  • 360 x 1080
  • 720 x 720
  • 1440 x 720
  • 1440 x 1440

High Precision Aluminum Rail Mechanism

High Precision Quality

With a maximum printable width of over 63”, this industrial level production machine is built to last - heavy duty yet lightweight aluminum components deliver smooth delivery of roll feeding and printing every job, every time. When color registration is crucial for printing such as DTF, trust in the manufacturing quality and dependability of the XPJ-1682D.

  • Maximum print width of over 63"
  • Heavy duty yet lightweight aluminum
  • Smooth delivery of roll feeding and printing 

Automatic Head Alignments

With direct to film printing specifically, registration is crucial. If the ink layering is incorrect or misaligned we lost that ink, we lost that film but most importantly we lost our time which is our greatest commodity. One of our favorite new features on the XPJ-1682D is the Automatic Head Alignment of the staggered dual DX-7 printhead configuration. In no time at all, using the simple new upgraded touch panel, you can send the alignment and enjoy the automatic adjustment while you can focus your time on keeping production on schedule. Speed, efficiency and quality all in one beautiful printing package.

  • Automatic adjustments allow you to focus on other aspects of production
  • staggered, dual DX-7 printhead configuration
  • Speed, efficiency, and quality

Multi-Stage Pressure Mechanism

As nice as it would be for there to exist a one-media-fits-all jobs material, that is simply not the case. As we mentioned this machine doesn’t just print top tier film transfer prints but is also capable of vibrant, detailed canvas printing as well as any aqueous receptive material. With different print surfaces/brands there will come different media thicknesses. One universal rule is that with any inkjet style printing we want to maintain as close a proximity as possible to the print head for highest detail. The machine comes with multi stage pressure to keep media secure properly with three different pressure settings - Low 0.3mm, Mid 1.3mm and High 2.8mm.

3 Different Pressure Settings

  • Low - 0.3mm
  • Mid - 1.3mm
  • High 2.8 mm

Media Flange

Media Flange

At 64” wide, there aren’t many sized rolls this machine cannot handle and thanks to the new media flange switching between films has never been easier. Keep the machine running and the revenue coming in by seamlessly switching on the fly between whatever print media best suits today's job and we’re not just talking about film! Canvas, printable vinyl and any aqueous receptive material are quickly loaded and printed in beautiful resolutions you can be proud of.

  • Easy switching between print media
  • Quick loading of canvas, printable vinyl, and any aqueous receptive material
  • Seamless, efficient printing

STS Mutoh XpertJet 1682D Touch Panel

Power in Your Hands

The control board got an upgrade as well here - take full control of your machine with handy on screen navigation of all functions on the XPJ-1682D. The user friendly touch panel interface makes executing the different functions of the printer a breeze to facilitate streamline manufacturing and production, every time.

  • Full function touch screen navigation
  • User-friendly, modern interface
  • Streamline manufacturing and production

DropMaster 2 Technology

Drop Master 2 Technology

With an approximate production speed of 100+ full color adult size transfer per hour, you don’t want to be worrying about nozzles dropping out in the this dual print head staggered set up work horse of a printer. Capable of being left on auto pilot for hands-free continuous remote manufacturing, the intelligent print head nozzle re-mapping technology takes care of maintaining consistent print quality. As clogs are detected in nozzles during printing, the system will compensate ink dot placement to maintain bold, vibrant and opaque prints.

  • Intelligent re-mapping technology maintains consistent print quality
  • Detects clogs and compensates ink dot placement to maintain bold, vibrant, and opaque prints
  • Approximately 100+ full color adult size transfers per hour
  • Hands-free continuous remote manufacturing

STS DTF Direct to Film Inks product applications.

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