Uninet iColor 560

Digital Color White Media Transfer Printer & SmartCUT (Includes iColor ProRIP)


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I Go-Getter, Uninet iColor 560

Introducing the Uninet iColor 560, the latest gem from the biggest authority in white toner printing. Welcome to state-of-the-art digital color + white transfer printing! The Uninet iColor 560 is the ultimate toner-based digital transfer printer combined with exclusive white overprint and underprint capabilities in a single pass for transfer production of apparel, textile, hard surfaces, and more.

Buy One, Get Six!

The iColor 560 Does It All

Uninet iColor 560 Printer Usage

1. White Overprint for Textile and Apparel Applications

2. White Underprint for Non-Transfer Applications

3. Dye Sublimation Applications

4. Fluorescent Colors and Clear

5. Regular CMYK Transfers

6. Gold & Silver Color Printing Capabilities