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All American Print Supply Co Texas Open House Flyer Invitation.

Please read the rules here for entry.

Hello Philadelphia! OPEN HOUSE is FINALLY HERE!

We have been in business since 1986 and it all started right here, in the East Coast. From Direct to Garment machines, sublimation printers, vinyl's and heat presses we wanted to create a place for anyone and everyone.

Build your business with us. Our story begins with you!

Come join us and:

  • Get a chance to win prizes by joining our raffles! (FREE to enter!)
  • IG LIVE, Q&A and Demonstrations
  • Receive some free goodies
  • Enjoy appetizers and refreshments!
  • One lucky winner will win a FREE HEAT PRESS!
  • Featuring a surprise guest!

*Raffle winners must claim prizes within 24 hours. Unclaimed prizes will be raffled off to secondary winners.*

Free Admission!
When: Friday July 29, 2022 @10am-3pm
           Saturday July 30, 2022 @10am-1pm
Where: 495 E Erie Ave 
           Philadelphia, PA 19134
           (215) 634-22

*subject to change*

$500 store credit Raffle Banner for attendees

Save up to 30% Off on selected Open House Demo Units!

*subject to change*


Epson Sure Color F2100

Kothari RIP Software for F2100

Epson F3070

Kothari RIP Software for F3070

AA Prisma Auto Clam Heat Press

AA Prisma Swing Heat Press

AA Tee-Folder Pro Automatic T-Shirt Folding/Bagging Machine

AA Phoenix 16 x 20 Curing Oven for DTF

Epson SureColor F570 Dye Sub

Epson SureColor F170 Dye Sub

Uninet iColor 560 printer

AA Purifier MINI

AA Prestige A3+ Printer for DTF

AA Proxima Dual Heat Press

AA Proxima Auto Dual Heat Press

AA Proxima Semi-Auto Dual Heat Press

STS VJ-628D Direct to Film Printer

FIP T-shirt sample

Insta Heavy Duty Steel Cart

*subject to change*

Retail Price

$4,495 ($,4995 MSRP)

$15,995 ($18,995 MSRP)












$3,195 ($3,995 MSRP)









Demo Unit Price

$3495 set price

$13,995 Set Price


Demo Unit Showcase Only


$909.30 (with 30% off)

$699.30 (with 30% off)

$5,999 (save $3,996)

$539.40 (with 40% off)



Special Demo Price TBD

$239.40 (with 40% off)

$2,556 (with 20% off)

not displayed

demo unit showcase only

demo unit showcase only

demo unit showcase only


$89.99 (8.5x11 @ 200 sheets)


$441 (with 10% off)

Open House Price (shipping prices may apply)

$4,000 set price


$960 (with 20% off)


$1,920 (with 20% off)

$1,039.20 (with 20% off)

$799.2 (with 20% off)

$8,995 ($1,000 off)

$629.30 (with 30% off)



Open House Special Price TBD

$279.30 (with 30% off)

$2875.50 (10% off)

20% off pre-order special

20% off pre-order special

20% off pre-order special

10% off on DTF related supplies & heat press excluding Epson (with purchase of new printer only)

$17.09 (with 10% off)

$80.99 (10% off)



Prices and prizes are effective only for customers who attend ONLY. **Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times. While recommended, masks are optional for entry.

Open House Advantages and benefits showcasing DTG and DTF machines and products in action
Our Story Begins with You

Our mission has always been focused on promoting the success of our customers at all costs. We focus on long term relationships through practical knowledge, customer centric problem solving, and one stop shop convenience. We believe that the customer’s success will ultimately lead to our greater success. Our motto will always be “Your success is our success.”

Since 1986, All American Print Supply Co. has been a provider of printing equipment and supplies to a variety of industries in every corner of the globe. Our diverse product line offers solutions for direct-to-substrate digital printing, direct-to-garment digital printing, direct to film, screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, heat transfer, cutters, vinyl, hotfix rhinestones, hotfix sequin embellishments and pretty much

anything else you can think of.

We are one of the largest suppliers in our industry

and have pioneered product decorating methods, and developed technologies that have become industry standards. Our diverse customer base includes several Fortune 500 companies, as well as a multitude of large, midsize, and small businesses. Our vision is to bring innovative, unique and quality products to the market while providing businesses with the product knowledge needed to succeed. This is all done while ensuring the highest level of customer service and support that our industry deserves.

All American Print Supply Co. Printing equipment and supplies front office