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17oz Stainless Steel Coke Shaped Bottle (White)


17oz Coke Bottles from JOTO
Sublimatable stainless steel coke shaped bottles from JOTO. These vacuum insulated thermal bottles keep liquids hot for 12 hours and cold liquids for 24 hours. Its inner bottle is made from food grade 304 stainless steel. Available in White, Silver and Mint Green.
The steel water bottle is of high quality lasting several years of use. Its inner bottle is made from food grade 304 stainless steel. 17 ounce capacity is perfect for staying hydrated while behind a desk at work, at school or spending time outdoors. It is easy to clean, fill, and drink from. What's more, the attractive silver mint green, or white colors are great for men, women and kids of all ages, and fits in with any color scheme.? Hand wash only. The vacuum insulated thermal bottle is rated 12 hours for hot liquids and 24 hours for cold liquids. Available in White, Mint Green and Silver. Printing Method: 2 in 1 Mug Press - Water Bottle Element 5 in 1 Mug Press - 11oz Mug Element with green heat shield Convection Oven? - Requires a Mug Wrap Take off top before placing in oven Coke shaped bottles with silver top and bottom are shipped from Nashville TN. Shipping from the following warehouses: Blaine WA, Las Vegas NV, Nashville TN
Size: 17oz/500ml capacity Dimensions: 2.8'' x 10.2'' / 7*26cm Color: White, Silver, Mint Green/White and Silver
Equipment: Joto Mug Press
Temperature: 360F
Time:60-75 secs
If imaging the coke bottle with a 5 in 1 mug press, you will need the green heat shield Simply tape your image onto the coke bottle, wrap the green heat shield around the bottle.? Place in mug press with 11oz mug element. Please remember to take the bottom support off the mug press station so you can maximize the height of the image you can print Press at 360F for 110 seconds.? Maximum image height is 3.3in.? Leave a 0.5in margin between the water bottle gap and the bottom of the image. If imaging using the Joto 2 in 1 Mug Press.?? Please use the waterbottle element.? Press at 360F, for 60-75 secs. Alternatively, you can use the 11oz mug element using a green heat shield, press at 360F, for 110 seconds. Coke Bottle Instructions?[PDF]