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AA-55AC Automatic Flatbed Screen Printer


The AA-55AE is a pneumatic drive, automatic flatbed screen printer with a maximum print area of 350x430 mm (13.7"x16.9") and maximum per hour production of 1,800 pcs.


  • Automatic vacuum bed hold down
  • 4 way micro adjustable screen clamp system
  • Variable angle squeegee and flood bar mounts
  • Micro adjustable off-contact
  • Micro adjustable print head
  • Vertical (up and down) speed controls
  • Semi-automatic and automatic modes
  • Adjustable height tooling platform
  • Tool-less setup
  • Heavy-duty steel construction


Max. Printing Area 350x230mm (13.7”x9”)
Max. Screen Height Adj. 300mm (11.8”)
Max. Work Piece Height <150mm (11.8)
Max. Printing Speed 700-2000 pcs/hr
Wattage 110/220V 60/50Hz 250w
Air consumption 90Liter/min (6 bar)
Outline Dimension  750x1617x860mm (LxWxH) 29.5”x63.6”x33.8”
Weight 440 lb.