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AlbaChem EverBlum NPE II Volatile Dry Spotter

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N.P.E. II is a unique, fast drying, solvent spotter for removing oil, grease, dirt, tar, graphite, oily food stains and other “dry” side stains from all fabrics. It can be applied in a cleaning gun or by hand. It is ideal for cleaning textiles, apparel, bedding and furniture. N.P.E. II does not contain any California Prop 65 Chemicals or any ozone depleting chemicals. It is V.O.C. exempt and is allowed for use in California and all other states. Try using N.P.E. II as a drop in replacement for Picrin* and other dry spotters that contain trichloroethylene. Advantages: • No Trichloroethylene • Leaves no residue • Does not sustain combustion • No Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) • Great for using on spotting board  
Item No. 1800 1816 1801 1802 1804
Size 16oz  32oz  1 gal  5 gal 55 gal
Case Pack 12  12  4  1  1
Case Weight(lbs) 17  34  45  54  600
Directions for use: Pour fluid into cleaning gun jar. Place stained material on a vacuum surface to remove solvent vapors. Spray fluid into stain area. Use a circular motion going from the outside edge of the stain toward the center. Once stain has been re-moved, “feather out” area until there is no longer a sharp outline. Repeat process if necessary. If using before dry cleaning, dry spot before putting garment into dry cleaning machine.