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AlbaChem Hand Sanitizer Gallon Pump

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AlbaChem Instant Hand Sanitizers

AlbaChem Hand Sanitizers provide fast low
odor hand cleaning when soap and water are
not readily available. Good hand hygiene is a
key component in preventing the spread of
infectious diseases. At Albatross USA, we are
proud to offer these products to help our
customers keep safe and promote healthy
work/home environments.
The convenient 8 oz. size and economy
gallon size have a gel type consistency and
contain 67% pure ethanol. Additionally the
8 oz. size has a flip top for easy application
and a pleasant fragrance additive. The gallon
size is also a gel consistency and can be used
with the industrial gallon hand pump or used
to refill our touchless dispenser.
AlbaChem® 20oz Liquid Hand Sanitizers
precisely follow formulations set forth by the
WHO (World Health Organization) and the
FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
Available with a yorker spout or pump
sprayer. The 20oz Spray Bottle is an 80%
Ethyl Alcohol solution.

• Low Odor
• Fast Drying
• Contains Glycerin to minimize dry skin
• For home, office and factory use

1) Place enough product on hands to cover all surfaces
2) Rub hands together until dry
3) Supervise children under 6 years of age when using
this product to avoid swallowing