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AA-121D Motif Maker


The dual hopper AA-121D DTG rhinestone and stud setter can create motifs directly onto garments. Hoop the garment the same as you would on an embroidery machine to begin setting stones directly onto the fabric. With a speed of 185 stones (size SS6) per minute, the AA-121D will create larger motifs at higher speeds than the higher priced competitor machines.


Max. Work Area 13.5” x 13.5” (330mm x 330mm)
Max. Speed 185 per min (SS6)
Electrical 220V 1ph
Compressed Air Requirements 6CFM @ 90PSI
Available Sizes SS6—SS20 (2—5mm)
Software Included MagicDrawer for reading sequin punching software (DST & DSB format) and Roland R-Ware Studio* created files.
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Tech Support Included 1 year full support
Roland R-Wear Studio Add $499