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Ecofreen Dye Sublimation Multi Purpose Transfer Paper (Non Sticky) 105 gsm -44"in and 64" Wide 328ft Roll



World's Best Sublimation Paper!


Ecofreen Multi-Purpose Transfer Paper for the Dye-Sublimation Printers
Ecofreen Multi-Purpose Paper is an ideal for a variety of transfer applications that use either soft or rigid surfaces, including t-shirts, mouse pads, and ceramics. Ecofreen Multi-Purpose Transfer Paper utilizes a unique chemical coating that allows for heavier ink loads to provide superior color and is available in a variety of sizes. Ecofreen Multi-Purpose Transfer Paper
Ecofreen’s Multi-Purpose Transfer Paper is an extremely high-quality, RGB (wide-color-gamut), water-based sublimation transfer paper. Finished output provides high ink transfer ability on an extremely low-cockling base.
Ecofreen’s Multi-Purpose Transfer Paper is High-quality dye-sublimation transfer paper designed to accept heavy ink loads without cocking or bleeding.
    • Ideal for EPSON SC 500 Series
    • 3INCH Core
    • Instant Drying Makes NO Pinch Roller Mark
    • Works for both textiles and rigid applications  - Multi Purpose (Rigid and Sublimation)
    • Width : 44INCH , Length : 328 FEET  ,  Weight : 105 g  per sqm
    • Width : 68INCH , Length : 328 FEET  ,  Weight : 105 g  per sqm
    • Full Sticky, Semi-Sticky, Non-Sticky, Quick Drying ECOFREEN provides various range of sublimation papers from 50g to 105g ranges