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Epson Surecolor F2100 DTG Printer Dual Sleeve TucLoc Platen 4.25 x 16.5" (Compatible with Epson F2000)


Epson F2000 Dual sleeve TucLoc platen enables you to print on long sleeves. Platen is interchangeable with the Epson SC-F2000 original/OEM platen using the same locating pins for a perfect fit.

The TucLoc® system is a patented garment holding system for Direct to Garment printers. That means no more adhesives, rings, or hoops. The garment is simply tucked in between two rubber pads that can accommodate thick or thin material. The TucLoc® system holds garments securely, removing wrinkles and allowing printing heads an unobstructed path.

The Epson F2000 dual sleeve TucLoc® platen becomes extremely versatile when paired with our optional 4x4.5” pocket riser. This combination allows you to easily print short sleeves, neck tags, and onesies.

Please Review the Epson F2000 Dual Sleeve Instructions for more details on how to adjust on Epson garment creator.