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Epson SureColor F2100 DTG Printer Platens (Compatible with F2000)


Epson F Series Optional Platens

Changing platens depending on your garment size inceeases print quality.



Epson Optional Platen

Different sizes of Epson Optional platens are available:


Sleeve Platen (4x4) - for printing on garment sleeves C12C933971

Extra Small Platen (7x8)- infant and young children's apparel and other very small garment sizes C12C933951

Small Platen (10x12) - children's apparel and other small garment sizes C12C933941

Medium Platen (14x16) - same platen that ships with each SureColor printer C12C933931

Large Platen (16x20) - for oversized garments C12C933921