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FIREBIRD Dark Pretreatment (Universal)


The new FIREBIRD Dark Pretreatment was created with DTG enthusiasts in mind. Switch to FIREBIRD  pretreatment and experience the following benefits with all your DTG prints:

  • Maximum White Ink Opacity for vibrant DTG prints, 33% brighter than other pretreatment brands

  • Non-Staining DTG Pretreatment on Dark Colored Garments (Patent-pending)

  • Advanced Washability, protects from color fade and fibers from unraveling (minimal “fibrillation”)

  • Apply LESS, Get MORE, use 50% less pretreatment than other brands to obtain optimal color

  • Wide-Open Application Window, easy to use and repeat perfect prints with excellent wash

  • Incredibly soft hand feel does not “starch” the t-shirt

  • Compatible with many garments, apply to 100% Cotton, and Polyester Blends with FIREBIRD Ink

  • Versatile Curing Methods: heat press, conveyor dryer, hang dry

  • Long Shelf-Life, guaranteed for use up to one and a half years from date of manufacture

  • Easy To Use, no shaking is required since FBX-100 does not settle or develop chunks of solids

  • PROFITABLE, FBX-100 is the best deal in DTG

  • Money-Back-Guarantee: Try FBX-100 and let FIREBIRD Ink prove the above benefits to you and your DTG business

  • Low Odor

For the 55 gallons there will be a freight charge