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Floor Stand for the Epson F2000 and Epson F2100 DTG Printer

by Lawson

 Floor Stand for the Epson F2000 and Epson F2100 DTG Printer

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Crating: $75

Lawson offers the best floor stand for the entire line of Epson DTG printers, including the SureColor F2100 & SureColor F2000 direct-to-garment printers. Lawson's Epson DTG floor stand was engineered specifically to Epson's exacting standards and dimensions. This heavy duty rolling floor stand eliminates any movement or shaking during DTG printing. The stand is custom-designed to fit the Epson SureColor F-2100 and F-2000 Direct to Garment printers.

The floor stand comes with superior locking casters that make it easy to move your Epson DTG printer from location to location. This is especially helpful or those doing custom printing on-site at live events or those who want to move around their Epson F2100 or Epson F2000. The Lawson floor stand wheels easily go long distances over bumpy parking lots, as well as up-and-down trailer ramps.

This superior Epson floor stand includes 1 platen hoop hanger mount to hold the garment hoop. A hinged door storage area to keep your items safe and organized. The waste ink tube and bottle can be stored inside the cabinet in a custom anti-tip device to prevent spills. The storage area is a great place to keep extra dtg epson ink, dtg supplies or other Epson SureColor F2100 or SureColor F2000 dtg accessories.

Additional Information
EPSON DTG Floor Stand Information

Made in the USA.

Stand Dimensions:
25.5" Wide x 31" Long x 25" Tall