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H-200BS Pneumatic Flat/Cylinder Hot Stamping Machine


The H-200BS is a pneumatic flat and cylinder stamping machine with a 5.9"x8.5" stamping area. The stamping temperature can be adjusted from room temp. to 535° F.


Maximum Stamping Pressure 7840N (1762.5 lbs.)
Maximum Substrate Height 105mm (4.2”)
Maximum Stamp Stroke 50mm (4.2”)
Worktable Size 128x128mm
Size of Stamping Plate 150x210mm (6”x8.4”)
Maximum Substrate Height 105mm (4.1")
Stamping Temperature Adjustable from room temperature - 536° F
Heating Wattage 1500W
Stamping Foil Winding Length ≤250 mm (≤10”)
Maximum Stamping Speed 800pcs./hr.
Air Consumption 48 liter/min. (≤2 cfm)
Air Pressure 4-7 bar (60-95 psi)
Power 110/220v 60/50 Hz
Outside Dimension 850x1605x660mm
Weight 250kg (551 lbs.)