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H-250 Pneumatic Flat Hot Stamping Machine


The H-250 is a pneumatic flat hot stamping machine with a 7"x9" stamping area. The temperature can be adjusted from room temp. to 535° F.


Maximum Stamping Pressure 19600n /2000 Kgf / (4406 lbs.)
Maximum Stamping Height 300mm (11.8”)
Size of Stamping Plate 180x230mm (7”x9”)
Stamping Temperature Adjustable Range 0-280°C
Heating Wattage 2000W
Stamping Foil Winding Length ≤300 mm
Maximum Stamping Speed 1000pcs./hr.
Air Consumption 107 liter/min
Power 110/220v 60/50 Hz.
Outside Dimension 650x1030x1650mm
Weight 279kg (615 lbs.) /Shipping weight 800lbs