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iColor AquaClear 1 Step Paper for Hard Surfaces and Candles


iColor® AquaClear 1 Step Media

Available in Letter Size. This paper will work with the iColor 500,550, and 600 printers.

iColor® AquaClear 1 Step Transfer Media is an easy to use, all-in-one transparent media for use with various substrates and hard surfaces such as candles, ceramic, glass and more! Simply print your image with your iColor® printer, trim your image, dip in water and apply for a high quality, temporary application. Great for dark surfaces as well, when you use the iColor® TransferRIP or ProRIP software to print white as an underprint. For permanent applications for substrates that can withstand heat, use the iColor® hard surface media instead.

iColor_AquaClear_ Hard_Surface_Transfer_Media_Instructions_ICHAC