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Image Armor Pretreatment Cleaning Solution


Recommended for performing routine maintenance on the Viper XPT-6000 and the ViperONE, Image Armor Cleaning Solution breaks down active polymer solids and will cleanse all inner systems: pumps, solenoid valves, fittings, tubes, and spray nozzles. The cleaning solution also cleans all internal and external surfaces that have pretreatment residue.


Image Armor Features



    • Non-Flammable


    • Safe for Viper XPT Interior Components


    • Biodegradable


    • Environmentally Friendly


    • Low VOC, Zero GWP


    • Non-Ozone Depleting, Halide-Free


    • Prevents Ionic Contamination


    • pH in neutral range (6-9 pH)


    • Non-Corrosive



Directions for Cleaning the Viper XPT-6000

The Image Armor Cleaning Solution is designed to recirculate through your Viper XPT-6000 though the H2O Fluid IN and OUT ports. It’s recommended that you use a separate container to hold recirculation fluid.



    • Empty the Viper of pretreatment by running a Fluid Empty routine


    • Place the water IN and OUT fluid lines into the container of Image Armor Cleaning Solution.


    • Run a Fluid FILL routine.


    • To fully clean and maintain the Viper, run 3-5 cycles of the fluid FILL routine.


    • Empty the Image Armor Cleaning Solution by running a Fluid Empty routine.


    • Place the water IN line back into a clean container of distilled water.


    • Place the water OUT line back into your waste water container.


    • Run two Fluid FILL routines using distilled water to remove the residue of the Image Armor Cleaning Solution from lines, pump and spray heads.


    • Empty the water from the Viper using the Fluid EMPTY routine on the Viper.


    • You are ready to re-introduce pretreatment into the Viper and start pretreating.