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Image Armor DTG Cleaning Solution 1 Liter


Image Armor DTG CLEANING Solution is designed to be used to completely FLUSH your direct to garment printer of any inks. Our CLEANING Solution SHOULD NOT be watered down or left in the printer for extended periods of time.

Stronger DTG Cleaning Solution Compared to AA DTG Cleaning Solution

Company Compatible Printers Company Compatible Printers
All American Neoflex Free Jet 330 TX
Anajet FP-125 550 TX
Sprint 700 TX
Belquette Flexi Jet Heatpress Inc Nexus
MOD 1 M&R Digital i-Dot 2100
DTG Brand Kiosk / Kosk 2 i-Dot 4200
Kiosk 3 M-Link OV1
HM1 Melco FP-125
M2 MelcoJet 2010
M4 Melco G2
Summit DTG MS Brand Melco G3
Viper DTG MS-Zero
Easy T Easy T DTG MS-One
Fast T-Jet TJet (SDT-1000) PolyPrint SA MS-Two
TJet 2 (SDT-1200) TexJet
TJet 3 (SDT-1300) SuperJet
Blazer Express TexJet Plus
Blazer Pro Resolute DTG TJet - i3
TJet Jumbo TJet - R4
Free Jet 330 TX TJet - R5
500 TX Sawgrass Advantage
550 TX Spectra Spectra 3000
700 TX
Heatpress Inc Nexus Veloci-Jet Veloci-Jet
M&R Digital i-Dot 2100 MS Brand Melco G3
i-Dot 4200 MS-Zero
M-Link OV1 MS-One
Melco FP-125 PolyPrint SA MS-Two
MelcoJet 2010 TexJet
Melco G2 SuperJet
Melco G3 TexJet Plus
MS Brand MS-Zero Resolute DTG TJet - i3
MS-One TJet - R4
MS-Two TJet - R5
PolyPrint SA TexJet Sawgrass Advantage
SuperJet Spectra Spectra 3000
TexJet Plus Veloci-Jet Veloci-Jet
Resolute DTG TJet - i3 Sawgrass Advantage
TJet - R4 Spectra Spectra 3000
TJet - R5 Veloci-Jet Veloci-Jet