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Image Technologies GR-708 Haze Remover


GR-708 Liquid Haze Remover is a low odor, biodegradable, low caustic, sprayable liquid haze remover for removing all types of UV, conventional inks and emulsion stains from mesh screens. Liquid Haze Remover is Low VOC and complies with all SCAQM regulations. This product does not contain any SARA 313 ingredients. This product may also be used in certain automatic reclaim units and is suitable for use in chemical spray systems. This product contains degreaser.


Apply to both sides of a wet screen using a brush, chemical spray system or spray bottle, and then scrub and allow remover to set on screen for 5 minutes. Power wash screen then rinse with clean water. If you are using films instead, this product will produce a sheeting action for applying.

Download MDSD

GR 708 Have Remover Directions and Descriptions

GR-708 Haze Remover MSDS