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Joto Vacuum Sealing Machine


Operating Instruction: Vacuum Sealing Machine User Guide [PDF] Featuring the powerful vacuum pump and automatic sealing function, it can vacuum and seal the substrates inside at once when used with our shrink films/wraps. This machine can help to wrap the regular-sized mugs and irregular-shaped mugs tightly. It can also provide a perfect solution for sublimating flat items such as tiles, slates, plates and more. Because it tightens up the image to the item, there will be no issue with blurry images. Instead, you will get vivid colorful images. Dimensions: Small Vacuum Sealing Machine: 18.1" x 15" x 15.3", can do 2-4 times/min Large Vacuum Sealing Machine: 21.2" x 19.2" x 39.3", can do 4-8 times/min Both uses 110V.