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Kiwo Color Coated Screen Brushes #1-4


A specific brush for each application step in the stencil cleaning process. Each brush is resistant to chemicals and has an ergonomically shaped handle. The different colored bristles allow for safe and fast identification of the appropriate application.

KIWO ScreenBrush #1 (White)

  • Application: DEGREASING only
  • Description: long, soft white bristles

KIWO ScreenBrush #2 (Blue)

  • Application: INK REMOVAL only
  • Description: long, stiff blue bristles

KIWO ScreenBrush #3 (Green)

  • Application: STENCIL REMOVAL only
  • Description: long, stiff green bristles

KIWO ScreenBrush #4 (Red)

  • Application: HAZE REMOVAL only
  • Description: short, hard red bristles