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Kiwo Pregan Combi-Clean (Haze Remover)


Kiwo Pregan Combi-Clean (Haze Remover) is a water emulsifiable, solvent-based activator suited for the removal of ghost images, ink, and emulsion residue when combined with alkaline cleaning products. Pregan Combi-Clean is also suitable as a screen cleaner for the fast and safe removal of most printing pastes. Available by the gallon.

Physical Data

Color Colorless
Flash Point Approx. +176°F (80°C)
Health Hazard Avoid contact with eyes and skin
Environmental Hazard Waste water may not be emptied into open water without pretreatment.
Storage 1 year at 68-77°F (20-25°C)

Download MSDS

Kiwo Pregan Combi-Clean MSDS

Kiwo Pregan Combi-Clean Tech Info pg. 1

Kiwo Pregan Combi- Clean Tech Info pg.2