Opaquing Paste OP 170

by Marabu

Opaquing Paste OP 170  increases the opacity and broadens the spectrum when matching color shades or printing onto colored or dark substrates. OP is a great auxiliary to use when printing transparent, semi-transparent shades or color matches.  However, it is not recommended to add more than 15% of OP 170 to ink. Available in 100ml tubes.

OP 170 Ink Compatibility

  • Tampacure TPC
  • Tampaplus TPL
  • Tampastar TPR
  • Tampatech TPT
  • Tampapur TPU
  • Tampapol TPY
  • Marapur PU
  • Marastar SR
  • Marapol PY
  • Maraspeed SL
  • Libragloss LIG
  • Libraprint LIP
  • Libraspeed LIS

Opaquing Paste OP 170 Technical Data Sheet