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Presto High Tack Premium Paper


Presto offers the best price-performance in the application tape industry.

Our Graphics Application Tapes are used in sign making and screen printing applications. Presto Tape offers a variety of tack levels in both paper and film products to meet the customer’s needs. It is ideal for screen printing, transferring vinyl lettering and graphics, and as a pre mask for large graphics. Presto’s Paper Application Tapes are available in low to high tack. We offer 2 versions of the lay-flat application tapes, available in standard and premium paper. The layflat application tapes adhere to the liner flat for stacked jobs and easy transport. This 4 mil natural colored paper application tape lays flat on silicone release liners. It is ideal for most sign shop applications and comparable to products such as R-Tape’s 4075RLA, Main Tape’s GXP-775, and ABI’s 592U. 7186-P LFA Spec Sheet