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Presto Mid to High Tack Lay flat Paper


Presto offers the best price-performance in the application tape industry.

Our Graphics Application Tapes are used in sign making and screen printing applications. Presto Tape offers a variety of tack levels in both paper and film products to meet the customer’s needs. It is ideal for screen printing, transferring vinyl lettering and graphics, and as a pre mask for large graphics. Presto’s Paper Application Tapes are available in low to high tack. We offer 2 versions of the lay-flat application tapes, available in standard and premium paper. The layflat application tapes adhere to the liner flat for stacked jobs and easy transport. Pallet Tape is used to protects print surfaces of textile screen print equipment; extends pallet life. Material is a 4 mil natural colored paper. 7186P-LFA-SPEC-SHEET